Our Teams


Max & Tony - Max is our youngest horse and was born on our farm.  He is a blonde Belgium, rather short and slightly chubbier then the other horses. Max has a great demeanor.  He is calm, docile, lovable and learns well from being paired up with our older more experienced horses, such as Tony.


Tony is a bay colored horse who was also raised on the farm. Tony keeps Max in line and working hard. Max and Tony make a great team because they are consistently hard workers with great temperaments, and often don’t need a driver to instruct them. They will come to the call of their teamster who is usually Brendan.


King & Kate - King is a big, powerful horse. Kate is smaller in size compared to King but her spirit makes up for her size difference. The unique thing about King and Kate is they are brother and sister and are Percheron horses. King and Kate have a close bond with each other, as they were raised together.  They are a striking pair with their shiny black coats.  Like all of our horses,  King and Kate are friendly and love attention.  They are a great team in the sugar woods and are coveted by all our teamsters.


Sally & Molly - Sally is a Belgium, chestnut in color and is our tallest horse. She is strong headed but very friendly.  Except for sugaring, our horses are out to pasture the majority of the year. Sally is always the first to come over and visit us and look for treats. Molly is also a Belgium, chestnut in color, a hard worker and shy. Sally and Molly are paired together because they have similar personalties. They are spirited, like to work at a quick pace, and aren’t keen on standing still.  Their teamster has to be patient and be able to keep them working hard.


Dan & Duke - Dan is the smallest of our horses but you would never know it once you harness him to a sled. Dan is a Belgium, chestnut in color with a beautiful white blaze down his nose.  He gives it his all until he knows the day is done. He is an older horse who will be retired to the green pastures soon.Duke is friendly and intelligent.  He is black in color and is a Percheron.  Together the team gets the job done and is an easy team to have in the woods working. Both Dan and Duke have great personalities and are smart, making them a favorite for people to ride in the off season.