Our Product

Traditions are strong at Howrigan Family Farms. The 30 foot trough that was hand carved in the 1880s by William Sr is still used today when we unload the sap from the horse drawn tubs at the sugarhouse.

Four teams of horses are used to gather sap from the thousands of taps in the Big Woods, the West Woods, Up Front, Up Back or along the Roadsides. The evaporating rig which boils the sap into the pure maple syrup is fueled by cords of hardwood that are cut from our land. On average forty gallons of sap must be boiled to produce one gallon of maple syrup.

We employ a unique blend of tradition with the latest technology to produce our pure Vermont maple syrup every year in the spring.  Technological advances have proven to increase efficiency and production. Reverse osmosis is used to remove water molecules from the sap; the sugar content is increased which reduces the time needed to boil the sap precisely to 218 degrees Fahrenheit for our pure Vermont maple syrup....Vermont’s own “liquid gold”.

Sugaring season begins in mid-February and lasts into April. Nights below 32 degrees and freezing and days that warm into the 40s is ideal. It is a time of year that brings family together in these beautiful hills of Fairfield to soak up the incomparable aroma of the boiling sap and to taste the syrup hot off the rig.