About Us

Harold Sr was born in the stone house at the Howrigan Farm up “on the hill”. He was a dairy farmer and sugarmaker with his parents, William E and Margaret, brothers and sisters. Harold Sr and his wife, Anne, acquired other farmland and began expanding the maple business that is now operated by brothers Lawrence, Mike, Harold Jr and their sons. The family owned and operated farm business in Fairfield is synonymous with maple and dairy in Vermont and is featured periodically in Newsweek, CNN, National Geographic, Vermont and Vermont Life.

2019 finds the 7th generation, Brendan, Harold III (UNH ’08), Adam, Ryley (UNH ’11), Tim (UNH '13) and Cullen actively engaged in the dairy and maple business. Everyone pitches in during sugaring season. Anne is one of our best retired teamsters and still operates her kitchen 24 by 7. Lisa, Penny, Bet & Morgan bring meals and goodies to the sugarhouse for the crew. Ellen is our premier maple candy maker. Amy, Kathryn & Brennan are our favorite cover girls and occasional teamsters. Emerson & Austen gather sap and stack wood. Oliver is one of our best taste testers. Many of our extended family -- young and old --  lend a hand gathering sap, drive a team of horses, stack wood or stop by for a visit.


Pioneers in Pure Vermont Maple Syrup since 1876